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The Hundred in the Hands return with their third album Love in the Black Stack; a swoony late-night soundtrack to this catastrophic present.

Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman began working on these intimate new songs and ambient tracks using cassettes recorded in the late ‘90’s, voice-memos, demos, field recordings and other half-forgotten ephemera collected over the years. They then went back into the studio with producers Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi (The Rapture, Vito and Druzzi) to re-work the material for an album conceived as the score to a larger art installation/performance piece.

The final 11 songs yo-yo from the insular romance of “I Follow”, “Pale Moon Out” and “Felt A Love” to the dark pulse of “Proof of Love” and “Red Eyes Rising” and cascading drive of “Wade Up”; alternately grounded in the deep searching harmonies of Eleanore’s layered vocals and the purposeful silences and skated rhythms of the off-kilter production.

With lyrical through-lines moving from satellites and constellations “high above the earth,” to the compressed memory of “telephones ringing in empty rooms” unwinding under rising tides — and with themes loosely touching on gentrification, environmental collapse, and occult technological faiths — Love in the Black Stack is an attempt to find gaps still ungoverned by these global forces and to create sense and connection from incomprehension and dislocation.