NA001 | JXZ | Grey Eyes Glazed EP

Working through “the mail”, from Brooklyn to Johannesburg, Jason Friedman (The Hundred In The Hands | New Ancestors) & South African painter Zander Blom conspire to create six agitated heady tracks of dazed and dense electronic music.

Oscillating between heaving pianos and bells pooling in the playground sweat of “Shot Down Survived”, the stretched out dark minimalism of “Workja” and the obliterated anxiety-driven waves of heavy static in “Formless Fear” Grey Eyes Glazed is a cinematic fever-dream of schizoid rhythms, sun-baked reverbs and stretched tapes draped in loose-headed wooziness.  

| 6 track EP | Digital | OUT NOW |


| Track Listing |

01 | Shot Down Survived

02 | Workja

03 | Coolzanhello

04 | A Blind Guilt

05 | Classic Doom

06 | Formless Fear